We are a full design/fabrication house in Los Angeles. Everything from furniture to robotics, and anything in-between.

Art fabrication // custom furniture // architectural installation //  product prototyping // custom lighting // One off production // prop work // set pieces // film // photography // art installation // consultation // Event production // Project MANAGEMENT

What sets us apart from other firms certainly isn't size, we’re not the biggest. What separates us entirely is the multiple disciplines under one roof. we employ some of the best artists in the city in their creative fields to be able to bridge those gaps for a project. We can design it, we can build it, we can shoot it, we can even produce the event.

"I try to bring the focus on kinematics into all of my work. i have a background in engineering but what always interested me more than the finished  piece was how they all worked together as a whole. Everything starts with the thought; how will someone interact with this piece, and what feeling is created from that."

- Justin Ware // Owner



::the branch of mechanics:: 

dealing with the study of the 

||motion of a body|| 

or a system of bodies

 without consideration given to its mass 

or the forces acting on it...