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Limited edition handcrafted ring designed by Faith XLVII. Lost wax casting. Made of solid brass. Inlayed with black enamel. Hand polished. 

South African and womxn artist, Faith began painting in 1997. Using a wide range of media, her approach is explorative and substrate appropriate – from found and rescued objects, to time-layered and history-textured city walls, to studio-prepared canvas and wood. Faith’s design refers to the solar logos, its emblem is the sun, which is the source of life and light. The ring serves as a talisman and reminder to us of ’the far shining’, ’the eye of the world’ so that we might be reminded on a daily basis of this life-giving heart of the solar system. 

All rings are hand made and custom to each other, so lead time for shipment is between 3-6 weeks. As this is the case, we cannot accept returns or refunds on items. Each ring is an edition and numbered accordingly. All sales are final. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to these terms, thank you.

Orders are fully insured in shipping, damaged packaging cannot be replaced, but a new ring can be issued or your money can be refunded by submitting a claim to the shipping company.

Bronze and brass will tarnish over time and are affected by oils on the skin. Although beautiful with age, if you wish to restore the ring to its original brightness, the best solution is to rub it with a microfiber cloth soaked in white vinegar to remove any excess oils. Soaking for several hours can improve this over time.

Brass and bronze jewelry are known to affect some peoples' skin, causing slight discoloration. Neither Creativeware or the individual artists involved are responsible for any damage to the purchasing party or individuals thereafter.